Welcome to PT Unijaya Pratama.  We are a leading Indonesian distributor of active pharmaceutical and functional food ingredients. Our product portfolio includes a wide array of pharmaceutical and food ingredients from all over the world, delivered to your doorstep.

Established in 1999, Unijaya has been supplying quality raw materials to the pharmaceutical and food bindustries for almost two decades.

Primarily a pharmaceutical ingredient trading company, Unijaya’s emphasis is in providing innovative APIs to pharmaceutical companies throughout Indonesia. Currently, we are supplying almost 250 APIs and developing a similar number of innovative new products to broaden our customers’ portfolios and increase their sales.


Working together with local pharmaceutical and food companies for the health and wellbeing of the Indonesian people.


To provide our customers with innovative, active and functional ingredients that meet with international quality standards, at competitive prices.


Unijaya Pratama represents world-renowned manufacturers of active pharmaceutical and functional food and beverage ingredients, predominantly from Europe, North America, India and China.
Significant growth in recent years, especially with the development of new products, has led Unijaya to move to a new, fully integrated office and climate-controlled warehouse facility early in 2016. This facility and its procedures are certified by the Indonesian Food and Drugs Control Board (BPOM) as meeting demanding international standards of Good Distribution Practice (GDP), to comply with today’s increasing regulatory requirements.
Unijaya Pratama adopts a ‘Quality Conscious Culture’ throughout the company and consequently, no compromises are made in providing quality products and services to satisfy customers in a highly regulated and competitive market.